Irvin Fong, Graphic Designer


Working on campus as a graphic artist, the need for posters was almost without bound— which was great, since it's always a fun challenge to accentuate copy with eye-catching visuals.

Oversized typography? Seamless blend of the copy and imagery? A happy medium? Determined per project.

Bear Garden Ice Cream (left)

A quarterly event at UC San Diego, Bear Garden is a beloved tradition akin to Beer Garden. This poster was made in celebration of the first time an ice cream truck made its debut.


The 3rd Floor

Welcome Party

A ode to Oktoberfest, a poster simulating a beer label was made to draw attention and quickly let people know what was going on.

An interactive “choose your own adventure” video game held by Triton TV, a logo and posters were created to accompany the atmosphere of the sometimes creepy, but always fun game. PS. There is no third floor.

While volunteering during a trip abroad to refine my French, I got to design Autour du Monde — ESN Nantes' Welcome Party poster to invite new ERASMUS students to come out, dance, and make new friends!


If left on a deserted island and asked what I would do for the remainder of my days, I would say drawing without hesitation. All I'd need would be a pencil and a surface, right? Of course if I could supplement that with a computer...

Alumni Weekend 2012, UC San Diego (right)

A map of UC San Diego with caricatures to highlight events held during Alumni Weekend by the UCSD Alumni Association in atUCSD magazine.

Walmart in Chinatown, Los Angeles (above left)

Illustration to accompany article in Alhambra Source addressing the balance between the need for the cheap prices a chain brings and the unique, local businesses that may disappear forever as a result of bringing chains into a neighborhood.

Are you ready? (above right)

Look closely before judging. What may appear to be bound for trash may end up being the most beautiful being you've ever seen. Don't they say sometimes, one man's trash is another man's treasure?

Mermaid à l’art nouveau (left)

Playing with the ornate lines of art nouveau, a mermaid of the coral reefs emerged.

T-shirts & Wallpapers

Triton Outfitters T-shirt Designs

T-shirts designed for UC San Diego store Triton Outfitters.
From left to right: Running on Love, Pandamonium, Pandamonium Part 2 (unprinted)


7 Sins– Panda Edition (left), Guardian of the Starry Skies (middle). Created while working at A.S. Graphic Studio.