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user interface design

branding and visual identity

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The boutique sold fun and luxurious garments from around the world– from Australian swimwear to Belgian sweaters and French silk blouses– but little was done to highlight these finds and their brands. We began by highlighting a different designer every month.

Then, we began having more and more ideas to improve the experience, especially as there was no real branding or style guide, our models were inconsistent, and the website needed some tightening up and a refresh.

Then came a blessing in disguise...

Read full case study Lire le cas d'étude

user experience design

user interface design

branding and visual identity

Non-profit MVP Website From Scratch

KWK stands for KidsWhoKode, a non-profit organization created and led by my friend Shweta Mukesh. They hope to revolutionize the education sector in India through early access to technical education (and other complementary skills) for deserving communities.

As the first session drew to a close early 2018, and they began to get a better feel of who they were, how they want to grow, and how to fine-tune their model and program, I was asked for provide my graphic design and user experience design skills to create their website. This project is still in progress and so I’ll have to ask you to stay tuned until I can show you how I go about design a website from scratch.

Stay tuned. Case study coming soon.

Daily UI Challenge Entries

Day 008: 404 Page

Day 009: Music Player

Day 011: Flash Message


I got into design through a love for drawing at an early age, and before I ventured into user experience design, I illustrated quite a bit.

Illustrated Map of UCSD's Campus

T-shirt design: Pandamonium

Ice Cream Truck Poster at Bear Garden

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